Just a Phase is the in-house blog of Yellow Technology

Here, we talk about all areas of audio and related technology, including unbiased insights into new products, developments in technology and explanations of important principles and practices.

The Origins of Just a Phase

We’ve been installing and maintaining professional audio systems in recording and production studios since 2002 and in that time we’ve built on the experience of our founders, who share experience in recording studios dating back to the early ‘90s.

A lot of common themes arise amongst our clientele and we felt we had a lot of information and news that we could share. Of course, we want to get the name of Yellow Technology known further afield too!

Why “Just a Phase”? Well, it comes from one of those really great audio technology jokes:-

As a child, I was obsessed with the difference between sine and cosine…

…as I got older, I realised it was just a phase.

We’re very sorry about that.